How to Use Deal Splits

Sometimes multiple reps are involved in closing a deal. So, often reps split the attribution of deals and they split the commission for those deals. Many CRMs track this kind of data using Deal Split objects.

Using Deal Splits

Spiff automatically loads a bunch of information when it processes each rep's commission statement. Spiff defines a commission statement as the commission due to a particular rep, on a particular plan, at a particular time (also known as the statement_period).

If the CRM you have connected to Spiff includes deal splits, we automatically load those deal splits into Spiff for you. You can reference deal splits in any formula you are building for a rep. Salesforce often allows you to specify different kinds of splits for each deal.  

To reference the Deal Split object in your CRM, you need to use the object/attribute syntax.  Salesforce allows you to create as many different kinds of deal splits as you want.  But it comes pre-loaded with a kind of deal split called Revenue Deal Splits.

So to reference deal splits in Spiff you can simply use this syntax in any formula:


The first part of this phrase references the Deal Split object in Spiff.  The second part references the type of Deal Split.  Spiff gets these types directly from your CRM.  So if you are using Salesforce and the type of Deal Split you want in Salesforce is a Revenue deal split, then you would use the word "Revenue" here.  The last part refers to one of the attributes on the Deal Split.  In this case, we use the percentage attribute.  This is basically the same syntax as Salesforce.

Example Variable Using Deal Splits



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