Quickbooks Connector

Spiff and Quickbooks Online

Spiff has a third-party integration with QuickBooks Online to automatically sync your data to help us calculate your team's commissions. Once connected, we automatically sync data from QuickBooks and use it in your commission plans.


To get connected, have a company admin log into https://app.spiff.com then click on "Admin" at the top, then "Connectors", then click "QuickBooks" and you'll be presented with this screen:

Click the "Connect to QuickBooks" button and you'll be prompted to login with your QuickBooks Online account. From there, you'll automatically be redirected and Spiff will be able to start syncing your data!

What's Next?

Once we're connected to QuickBooks, Spiff will take care of the rest. We'll work with you on your commission plans to get the calculations just right. If for any reason you want to disconnect QuickBooks from Spiff, follow the same process and you'll see a "Disconnect" link -- click that and we'll no longer have access.

Not Part of Spiff Yet?

Click here to request a demo from us today! Let us save you from hours spent every month in finicky spreadsheets. Improve quality and provide your reps with personalized, real-time commission portals. Along the way we’ll work together to boost sales by up to 10%.

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