Payment Matching

The payment matching feature allows you to automatically match payments coming from one system (usually your billing system) to an object (usually an opportunity) coming from another system (usually a CRM, manually uploaded file, etc.). This feature is often used by companies where commissions only get paid to the sales rep. if the company received payment or partial payment in exchange for the product or service. 

In the example below, Spiff automatically matched a deal to its corresponding payment. 

Spiff also gives you the ability to search for payments through your systems and manually match them to an opportunity:

Finally, in cases where the payment came through an un-synced channel (e.g. payment was made with cash, ACH transfer, check, etc.), Spiff lets you create manual payments with name, payment date, amount and description, and match these with an opportunity. These manual payments then become searchable in the payment database, should you want to re-use them in the future.


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