Overwrites are an important and differentiating feature in Spiff.  Overwrites allow you to make changes to your data in your Spiff instance that does not affect your CRM.

Many of our largest and even many smaller companies use Overwrites.  The most common use case is a situation where you want to assume something about a deal for commission purposes--say for example that a Senior Director promised a discount on a deal but the Junior Rep who worked really hard on the deal had not previously promised a discount.  Now let's say that discounted deals don't get as much commission as non-discounted deals.  The Senior Director feels bad and wants to give the Junior Rep credit as if the deal was not discounted.  

Other common examples include:

  • Changing close dates on deals--you obviously don't want to do this for your financials but sometimes you might give credit for a deal closing on a different date for the purposes of commissions
  • Changing the total amount of revenue closed in period--sometimes you might want to give a rep credit for additional revenue because they got really close to an accelerator, etc.
  • Hundreds more...

In most commission software systems you would just have to change the CRM data to indicate that the deal wasn't discounted.  But that's not true.  The deal was actually discounted.  Marketing and finance often rely on the data being accurate so it's generally a bad practice to falsify CRM data just for the purposes of commissions.  

Spiff allows you to keep the CRM data accurate while changing the data just for the purposes of commission calculations.

You can Overwrite any data at any point in the calculation chain.


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