How to manually import Users inside Spiff

Spiff allows you to manually import users inside the platform by using the data import tool.

Note: users imported through the Data import tool are considered "Manual Users" which mean they are not being automatically synced from a 3rd party system (e.g. Salesforce, QuickBooks online, etc.). As a result, any commission data for these users (Deals, Invoices, etc.) will have to be manually updated through the Data Import tool to calculate commissions for these users, unless you are using the exact same user IDs inside your synced system and the manually uploaded data or you just want to upload admin users.

All you have to do is create a tab named users inside an excel spreadsheet (format has to be .xlsx) and have these 4 columns:

external_id: you need a unique id for each users to make sure our system can differentiate them. You may choose any ID structure as long as you think you can keep it unique. A common user ID structure is "U" for users and a number. We recommend to start with U000001 and increment from there (U000002, U000003 for the second and third user for example which will allow you to scale as you add more users)

name: here, you just need to indicate their First name and Last name

email: this field is very important and also has to be unique for each user. Most companies just use the company email for that person.

role: This field determines which permissions you want to give to your user. you may choose between 6 permissions ((click here for more details on user permissions):

- manager

- representative

- editing_manager

- finance (note: this name refers to the "Finance Manager" role)

- company_admin

- deactivated

You may also copy the users tab inside our template.

Most common use cases to manually import users:

- They are only relying on manually uploaded data for their commissions (they do not need to connect Spiff to any other system such as a CRM, ERP or HR systems)

- They want to create a user who does not exist in any of the systems they have synced with Spiff (for example, they want to add a company admin who does not exist in their Salesforce)

How do users get added to Spiff?

Spiff currently supports 2 ways to add new users to the platform:

1) User gets pulled in automatically from one of the systems (CRM, ERP, HR, etc.) connected with Spiff (For example, if a company connects Salesforce to Spiff, all Salesforce users from that company get pulled in inside Spiff)

2) Company manually uploads users through our data import tool.


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