How to Make An Overwrite

What are Overwrites?

Spiff believes that your CRM should be your source of truth but understands that sometimes commission structures don't always follow the same logic as your CRM, so we created the ability for Overwrites.  Overwrites allow you to change the value of a field from your CRM inside of Spiff.  This feature is currently only available to system admins

Note: Overwrites do not write back to your CRM when they are made inside Spiff.

How do I Overwrite a CRM Value?

Overwrites are available in two different spots on the app.  The first is the "Salesforce" tab and the second is the Deal Show Page for any deal on a Set rule.

  1. Find the value you would like to overwrite in one of the two locations
  2. Select the pencil icon to initiate the function
  3. Type or select the new value
  4. Click out of the overwrite dialogue box and confirm that you approve that overwrite.

Once you have completed the steps you will notice the new value highlighted and a recalculate progress bar appear at the top of the page. If you re-hover over the overwrite you will also be able to see the previous value and will have the opportunity to reverse the overwrite.

A master list of overwrites is available in the Overwrites tab.  From this page you can search and manage all overwrites made by any admin inside of the company.

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