How to Create an Override

Overrides are common features of many company's commission plans.  Overrides occur when managers get commissioned on the closed deals of the team members they manage.  So, for example, if Priya manages Jeff, she might get 2% of all of the MRR on the deals that Jeff closes.

Override Recipe Steps

How do you build overrides in Spiff?   Well stepping back to think about it, we basically need to a few things:

  1. Establish a team with the appropriate people as team manager(s) and team member(s)
  2. Tell Spiff that you want the deals of the team members to roll up to the manager on specific plan, i.e, create a Roll-Up
  3. Create some commission math that references the Roll-Up

Let's tackle this in steps.

1. Establish a Team

The first step is to create a team in Spiff.

2.  Tell Spiff You Want the Deals of the Team Members to Roll Up to the Manager on Specific Plan

The second step is to tell Spiff that you want to be able to access all of the team members' deals when you are calculating the managers' plan.  You do this by telling Spiff you want to "roll-up" all of the team members deals into the managers commission line.  In Spiff we call this "creating a roll up."

So you need to create a Roll Up.

3. Reference the Roll Up in Your Commission Math

One you have finished steps 1 and 2 you can easily reference team commissions in your commission calculations by referencing a special Roll Up.

Typically you will build a new Scope or Condition for deals that will return all of the deals that the team members of a team manager have closed.  You can do this by writing a Scope or Condition that looks like this:

contains(, deal.user_id)

This Scope or Condition will return all of the deals of a team manager's team members.

You could then create a Rule or a Variable that references these deals.  I've created a video that shows you how to do that here:






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