How to Create a Roll Up

Roll Ups (or Roll-Ups) are a common feature of many manager commission plans.  Roll Ups typically refer to revenue (or some other important business metric like gross profit, number of deals closed, etc.) brought in by a team of reps.  The manager receives commission on the sum of the revenue closed by the team.  In this sense, the revenue that the team closes "rolls up" to the manager.   Some companies refer to plans that use roll ups as "override" plans.  Or they might say that a manager receives an override on the performance of her team.

Roll Up Recipe Steps

How do you build roll ups in Spiff? Well stepping back to think about it, we basically need to do a few things:

  1. Tell Spiff that we want to use roll-ups on Plans
  2. Create a team of people who will roll-up into a given manager
  3. Reference the team in the manager's commission logic

Let's tackle this in steps.

1. Tell Spiff You Want to Use Roll Ups

The first thing you will need to do is let Spiff know that you are planning on using roll ups in your Spiff instance.  You can do this easily by going to Admin > Settings > Roll Ups.  You then need to simply toggle the roll up field to the on position like this.

What this will do is add a new attribute on every single Plan Assignment page called "Roll Up."  You can modify this attribute by clicking on Plans > Assigned Users.  Here you will see a new column called "Roll Up" like this:

By clicking on the "-" you can edit the Roll Up field and select the name of any team you want to Roll Up.  

2.  Create a Team of People Who Will Roll Up Into a Given Manager

To complete this step we just need to create a team.

3.  Reference the Team in the Manager's Commission Plan Logic

Now we have set up a team, we can reference the team in Spiff formulas.  So now we can reference the team itself by using formulas like:


The word `line` in the formula above is another word for Plan Assignment.  It represents the way Spiff knows how a particular Plan is assigned to a particular User.  It comes from the idea of a "commission line" or "down line."  So it also represents the person or persons for whom an individual receives commissions.  Most people just receive commissions for their own sales. In that sense they don't really have a roll up.  They are the only person in their own down line.  However, some people receive commissions on the work of others.  So they have a Roll Up or more than one person in their line.

You can also get all of the team member Ids for the Roll Up team through a formula like this:



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