How to Create a Quota

Creating / Updating a Quota:

To view, edit, or add a new Quota in Spiff, first go to the Quotas page by clicking the "Quota" link in the top left corner of any page.

Once there, you will see the following: 

Clicking the "Add Quota Type" button will bring you to this page: 

This page will allow you to name a quota and choose it to be monthly, quarterly, or annual. After filling in that information and clicking the "Save" button, your quota will appear back on the Quotas page: 

Within a Quota, you will see several icons; these allow you to add users, change the layout of the quota table, edit the table values, or change the quota name/type. The data for a Quota can be edited much like data in Excel. 

An individual rep. can be assigned to any number of Quotas and can be specific to an individual commission Plan or Rule.

Quotas can be referenced in any Formula in Designer. Rules, Variables (Fields), Scopes, Conditions, and Tables can all reference Quotas. To do so, type "quotas.(TheNameOfYourQuotaHere).amount". 

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