Having Trouble Logging In?


Spiff is built to be easy and intuitive but there are a few situations that sometimes cause a little bit of trouble when you are trying to log-in.  Here are a few quick tips if you are experiencing issues.

"I've logged in before but I can't get in now?"

If this is the issue you are running into, the first step should be to select the "Forgot Password" option on the log-in screen.  This will kick off an email with instructions to reset your password.  

If this still doesn't work please chat in to Spiff Support and they can look into the issue further.

"I received an invitation and am trying to get Spiff set-up, but it isn't letting me in?"

There are a few quick things to check here.  First off, if you received your invitation more than two weeks prior to trying to sign in you will need to reach out to your companies Spiff Admin to have them resend your invitation.  Your Spiff invitation does expire after two weeks.

The next thing to check if that isn't the case is if your password meets all criteria.  Spiff requires an eight character password that includes at least one capital letter, one number, and one symbol. You should be receiving real-time feedback from the app while setting this password.  If you are making sure everything meets the criteria and it's still not working please chat in to Spiff Support.

"I heard that my company got us Spiff and I went right to Spiff and tried to log-in?"

What is probably going on here is that although you are "set-up" inside of Spiff you do need to be invited by your Spiff Manager or Admin to be able to access Spiff.  Please reach out to them and they can send you an invite to get all set up.  If you have received an invite and the previous troubleshoots haven't helped log-in please chat in and we will get you taken care of.


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