Getting Started - Rep Statement Page Overview


The rep statement page is the portal for both reps and admins to get data surrounding an individuals commissions for any given period.  This page is made up of multiple useful features:

1. Statement Period: Right at the top of any individual reps page will show the exact "Statement Period" that you are looking at. At any time you may only view one statement period per rep.  Generally this is set up to be monthly, but it is unique to each company.  You can switch periods with either of the arrows on the side of the period or also using the drop-down button.

2. Rep Avatar and Navigation: This shows which rep's statement you are currently looking at.  If you are a rep, you will only be able to see your avatar here.  If you are an admin you will have the ability to click the drop-down arrow and you can easily switch between reps statement pages from there.

3. Total Commissions: Pretty straight forward here.  This shows the total amount of commissions earned by the individual rep this statement period.  This will include all rules, overwrites, and adjustments.  Right below the dollar amount you will also be able to see the last time this statement has been recalculated. 

4. Plan Description: This identifies which "plan" you are currently looking at.  Reps can be assigned multiple plans (i.e. a rep could be a manager with their teams deals while also having their own deals).  You can view only one "plan" per statement period.  If a user is assigned to multiple plans, you will be prompted to select which plan to view when you log in (rep) or when you select the user from the main statement page (admin).

5. Search Function: All deals on this page are searchable by this icon.  Start typing what you are looking for and if it exists on the sheet it will surface.

6. Rule: Each statement page can have multiple rules that apply the respective plan.  These rules generally represent separate logic and are separated into different drop down tables.  Each rule will have a title and a description located at the header of the table. You will also see the total commission from that rule at the top-right of it's table.

7. Deal: Each Rule can have multiple deals that make up the total commission for that specific rule.  Deals commissionable events that apply to that rule and are usually made up of one or multiple objects pulled from and external source (Salesforce, Quickbooks, Stripe, etc.).  Each deal has it's own row and the columns are made up of specific attributes of that deal. All of these columns are easily customized by clicking the "customize" icon at the bottom right of the rule's header.

8. Individual Statement Recalculate Button (admin only): This button will re-run the calculation for this individual statement only.  This is best used after changing or adjusting rules or overwrites.

9. Export Button: This button is available to all users and exports the current statement into an Excel file. 

10. Manual Adjustments Button (admin only): This button allows an admin to add or subtract a manual amount from the commission statement. 

11. Reviewed Toggle (admin only): This button plays a few roles.  First, it can be used as a process management tool to help an admin keep track of which reps statements they have reviewed and deemed ready to commission. Second, it effectively freezes the statement so that it won't be recalculated again.  This helps prevent changes to external data from affecting previous commission statements.

12. Chat Icon: At Spiff we are here to help!  If there are any issues with the app or you have any questions don't hesitate to chat in.  If you are a rep or manager, generally most commission specific questions are best answered by your company admin, but don't be shy. This icon is available on all pages of the app and website.


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