Free Trial Demo Account

Spiff offers 3 options to get started on Spiff with absolutely no financial commitment on your part:

  1. Demo Account with Real-Time Data from Connected Systems.  If you qualify for our free trial program we will help you get all set up and turn you loose with a full-featured free trial of our software with connectors for 14 days.   What does "with connectors" mean?  It means that we will set up API access to an unlimited number of 3rd party systems like your CRM, ERP, Payroll, or Payment Processor so you can pull in real-time data from your connected systems.  Many connected systems like for example, Salesforce, offer both real data or sandbox data via API.  You can choose either with Spiff.  To get started, click here.
  2. Demo Account with Uploaded Data.  If you want a demo account but you don't want to sync in connected data, you can simply use our data uploader.  Spiff's Data Uploader can import as much data as you want so you can see how Spiff would work with your actual data.  To get started, click here.
  3. Demo Account with Dummy Data.  If you want a demo account fast and you don't necessarily need to upload any data, we can set you up with a free-trial account with dummy data.  To get started, click here.

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