Deal or Obligation Show Page

Each rule is made up of what we call Obligations.  Obligations generally map to a specific deal, account, event, etc. that earned a commission. Most details about these obligations can be seen inside the table. To access this page you first need to select an obligation in your rules table: (Note: This feature is only available on "set" rules, not "reduced". You can tell the rule type in the rule table header)

After you click on an obligation (i.e. American Airline) you will be brought to the obligation show page.  Here is a quick overview on the features and functions of this page:

1. Obligation Name, Account, and Period: This header highlights the name of the obligation, the account it belongs to, and the time period it falls into.

2. Obligation View Icon: You'll noticed this is highlighted currently.  This is the view you see above. 

3. Chat View Icon: This icon opens up the side chat bar where admins, managers, and reps can communicate about a specific deal.  Any obligation that has a note inside the chat feature will have a chat icon also located on the obligation on the rules table (see American Airline's obligation row above).

4. Timeline View Icon: When changes are made to an obligation they are tracked in this timeline view. 

5. Obligation Details Card: This card is is custom data/information about this specific obligation. This is where accelerators, rates, inputs, etc. are surfaced for an individual obligation (most of these can also be viewed from the rules table)

6. Rule Name: This is located on the obligation details card and highlights which rule this obligation and commission belongs to.

7. Matching Payment Card: Spiff has an additional feature where it connects to your payment processing software (i.e. Stripe) and uses AI to match payments that are received to obligations in your CRM.  This won't be active on all users and companies.


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