Customize Your Avatar

At Spiff we encourage individuality and customization.  Unfortunately most individual Spiff users can't customize their own commissions (you'll have to talk to your manager about that), but you can customize your user avatar.

When you log on the first time you will be assigned a random avatar from our pool of Zoo Animal Avatars.  You will see which one you are assigned in two different places; The top right of the page on your User Icon, and on your individual commission statement.



If you would like to change this avatar to another image, there are just a few simple steps:

1. Click on the user icon at the very top right of your page

2. Click "Edit" on your current avatar and select "Upload My Photo":

3.  Select the image you would like to replace your current avatar, size it to your liking, and click "Looks Great"


Once that is done you will see your avatar has been changed inside Spiff.  If you have any additional questions, please chat in below!

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