Custom Fields

Custom Fields

Custom fields are user-defined attributes you can put on any Spiff object.  

Creating Or Updating Custom Fields

Currently in Spiff, you can add custom fields on Plans, Plan Assignments, and Teams. Let's say you have many commission plans at your company and each one has a different ramp rate.  Let's say you have decided that you want to add a custom field to Plan object in Spiff.  You can do this by clicking on Admin > Custom Fields > Plans.  

Then click on the Add Custom Field button here:

This will allow you to create custom field on Plans.  You can give this custom field a name.  In this case, I suggest "RampRates".  Use valid formula syntax for the name.  Give the custom field a description that will help you remember what this new custom field is for. 

For the Field Type select "Expression."   

Now on every plan, you will have a new editable field called Ramp.  You can enter an array of ramp values by month since hire on the plan by clicking "Modify" on the field.

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