Adding a New Rep to Spiff

Adding a new rep. to Spiff is very simple. This article will highlight all the steps you might want to consider based on your own use case.

1) Adding the rep. to Spiff 

Reps are pulled automatically from your CRM into Spiff every time we sync with your CRM. If you want to check if a rep is in Spiff, just go to the Admin dropdown and click on "Users". Once on the Users page, you will see a time stamp indicating when the last sync. with your CRM happened as well as the list of users already synced from your CRM.

Why is one of my CRM users is not showing up inside Spiff?

This could be because the last sync between your CRM and Spiff happened before this user got added to your CRM. In this case, all you have to do is click on the Sync button in the top right corner of your screen and wait until the end of the Sync. Your user should now show up in the list of Spiff users.

2) Give a role to your rep. (optional)

Still on the Users page, click on the user's name highlighted in green and select a user role. By default, users are given the "Representative" user role inside Spiff which is the most basic role a user can get. Spiff currently handles 5 roles inside Spiff. For Reps. we encourage you to give them either the Representative or the Manager role. Both roles currently offer the same accesses and permissions but we plan on adding more options to the Manager role in the future. For now, "Representative" is the best role to give to a rep.

3) Assign the rep. to one or more plans

Go to the "Plans" page from the top navigation, then click on the plan this rep. should be assigned to. Once on a specific plan page, go to the assigned users tab, then click on the Assign Users button. From the Assign Users page, search for this rep's name, check the box next to their name and confirm by clicking on the Assign Users button at the top of your screen. 

How come my rep. is not showing up in the list on the Assign Users page?

This could be because your rep. was never synced from your CRM and as a result does not exist inside Spiff. If that is the case, click on the Sync button in the top right corner of the site and then wait until the end of the sync. If you're rep. exists in your CRM, this rep. should now show up inside Spiff.

4) Set plan assignment dates

Still on the plan assignment page, we recommend you at least add an "Effective As Of" date to keep your data clean. The "Effective As Of" date indicates to the system when that rep. should start getting commissioned from a specific plan. You may also set an "Effective Until" date to specify when this rep assignment should end for a specific plan if you already know that date. If you don't, just leave this date on "(None)". You will still be able to set that date in the future if you want to.

Other tasks to consider when applicable

1) Set this rep's quota numbers 

If your rep's commissions depend on a quota number, please send this number by email or Drift message to our Spiff staff and we will add to the system for you. Soon, you will be able to add it by yourself from the Quota page currently in construction.

2) Add the rep to a team 

If this reps. belongs to a team, go to Admin > Teams from the top navigation bar, select a team and click on the "Add Team Members" button in the top right corner. From the Add Team Members page, select the rep and click on the "Add Team Members" button. Similar to plan assignment (see 4) ), you may specify dates when this user was part of the team. We usually recommend to set at least an "Effective as of" date to make sure Spiff knows exactly when this user was part of the team.

3) Set the rep. as a Team Lead

If this rep is managing other reps and/or if you would like for this rep to have access to other reps commission statements, you need to set the rep. as a team lead of the team they manage. In order to do this, just go to the team members page of a team and click on the small "Mask" icon on the top right corner. Select the rep from the Add team leads page and confirm. This rep will now have access to all the commission statements for all the member of the team(s) they are a Team Lead of.

4) Turn on/off or input values inside the rep's custom field(s) (Optional)

If your rep. has a custom field on their plan assignment, make sure to activate this custom field.


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